EMBALMED has just signed on with Transcending Obscurity Records to release the next album of relentless, bloody death metal. See the press release here.

Drums for the new album were recorded recently at Imperial Mind Engineering by Irving Lopez.

Over there --> is 2016 EMBALMED TXDM. (from L to R: Ernie Jaramillo (guitar), Dave Tillery (bass), Ed Taylor (guitar, vocals), Brandon Partain (drums).

EMBALMED - TXDM from Dallas, Texas - Ernie Jaramillo (guitar), Dave Tillery (bass), Ed Taylor (guitar, vocals), Brandon Partain (drums) 2016
Deep in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas during the late 1980's, the gritty beginnings of Embalmed took form. Ed Taylor and John Steadman (RIP) began putting together their first songs as a band.

Later adding Bret Smith and Barry White to complete the quartet, Embalmed recorded the 5 song demo, Pieces Remain. By the early 90's, Embalmed had a significant horde of fans, enraptured by the grinding, guttural violence experienced at live shows. But this was just the beginning.

In 1993, Embalmed released the now cult-classic 8 song demo, Boiling Humans. By the end of the year, Dave Tillery had joined the band on bass. This lineup would last until the last show in 1996. Everyone then went to sleep.

Everyone then woke up at the end of 2011. Dark Blasphemies Records re-released Boiling Humans on CD. Dave was found and Ed's previous band mates, Brandon Partain and Ernie Jaramillo, completed the quartet and Embalmed was reformed. By the end of 2013, Embalmed had finished recording a new full length release, Brutal Delivery of Vengeance. 11 songs of relentless, brutal death metal was issued by Dark Blasphemies Records in Europe and Corpse Gristle Records in the USA in January 2014.
Boiling Humans by Embalmed
Brutal Delivery of Vengeance was met with rave reviews around the globe and led to a fantastic 2014 for the band. Opening the year with a Texas mini-tour with Ohio brutalizers EMBALMER, followed some mid-year madness with NILE and DEVOURMENT, and closing the year with CANNABIS CORPSE and MAMMOTH GRINDER, 2014 brought nothing but rancid violence for EMBALMED and their fans.

EMBALMED is now finishing up new material and hope to record again in spring 2016. The new songs are absolutely relentless and brutal in typical EMBALMED style. The fans who enjoy this distinct type of "comfort food", will certainly appreciate the dishes Embalmed is preparing to serve.

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