Embalmed - Brutal Delivery of Vengeance alternate and unused cd art.

Unused CD Art from Brutal Delivery of Vengeance

We sent two layout options to Dark Blasphemies Records when Brutal Delivery of Vengeance was facing imminent release at the end of 2013. We really wanted them to use a 3 panel fold out design, and in the end, they did end up using that one after all. But when we first brought it up, they didn't think the printers around there could do that or they didn't have the right paper -- something weird about the fold out concept.
Anyway, we ended up making an 8 panel booklet for them to use, but also sent the 6 panel fold out artwork we wanted them to use, just in case. I guess it wasn't such a big deal after all, because these images never got printed. The image above was going to be panel 2 and 7. The picture below is panel 6 and 3. The collage is full of pictures from Embalmed's heyday during 88 to 93 and Embalmed's resurgence in 2012 and 2013.
A website is as good a place as any to share these, right? Click on the images for a 1500 px version.
EMBALMED drummer Brandon thinks highly of this photo

Super Secret Rehearsal Pictures

Embalmed continues to move forward with the writing process, refining and perfecting the sledgehammer before it swings. Captured this past Sunday, these pictures prove this is not an easy process.

Ernie working hard on a new solo

Ernie working hard on a new solo

Ed trying to adjust a bunch of equipment that isn't his

Ed adjusting equipment that isn’t his







Initial demo tracks have been recorded for 8 songs now with a couple more in the works. We look forward to the opportunity to unleash these new tunes in the studio and on the stage soon. Thank you for the support!

EMBALMED drummer Brandon thinks highly of this photo

We are always waiting on Brandon while we tune

Dave doesn't even know where he is

Dave doesn’t even know where he is