EMBALMED at Trees Dallas - January 2nd, 2016

EMBALMED Returns to Trees Dallas – Jan. 2, 2016

Texas Death Metal band Embalmed returns to Trees Dallas to kick off the 2016 year in brutal fashion. Presented by DMS Promotions on the first Saturday in January (the 2nd y'all), Embalmed will be joined with 4 amazing Dallas bands, Exhortation, Dei Aemeth, Driven Below and Morgue Meat, as well as our out-of-town brothers from Oklahoma, Center of Disease.

DMS Promotions has consistently arranged fantastic shows in Dallas for the local metalheads, and Embalmed is just "pleased as punch" to be a part of this show. Trees is one of the best venues in Dallas with a sound system that is tough to beat. Pleased as punch was really thrown into this article just to measure the reaction, aka, see if this shit is even read by anyone. Also, a post with one paragraph is kinda lame.

Every paid entry through the door also gets entered into a raffle drawing for a pair of tickets to the Lamb of God and Anthrax show on February something at the Bomb Factory. Thank DMS Promotions for that one.

Embalmed will also be recording live footage for use in their upcoming video from the new album they plan to release in 2016. We hope to see all the crazy Pit-Bulls out in force. Help make this another special event!

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