This is Deceased

Embalmed has a show this month on Friday, February 27th at the Liquid Lounge. We will be providing some support for the band Deceased out of Virginia. Now I know some of you might think there is a more important metal show you need to attend on that same day, but I encourage you to think about that decision a little deeper. For those unaware, Deceased has been around for many years and is really an underrated band, in my opinion.

While you could go stand out in the cold watching a band you’ve seen before who will most likely be through DFW again, you also have the opportunity to catch some serious death thrash madness in a warm and intimate setting, catching a band you will most likely not have the chance to see again.

So, enough about that. Introducing DECEASED and their totally RAD video from the 2011 album, Surreal Overdose, this is “Cloned (Day of the Robot)”.

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